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Freedom, Justice and Peace

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(From Art. 2 of the Statutes). The recognition that every human person has the right to life from conception to its natural conclusion, is fundamental to our living together and having political freedom. There will never be peace until this right is fully recognized. Solidarity asks that all members of the United Nations promote the defence of human life in every stage of its growth and in all countries, rich and poor, so that true peace should be achieved. Solidarity asks the United Nations to beware that rich nations do not impede the development of poor nations, limiting their aid to unhelpful anti-birth policies such the promotion of sterilization and procured abortion. Solidarity asks the government and political parties of each country to protect, from the moment of conception, the life of every human being; to remove the danger of terrorism and new wars, to stabilise structures by distribution of resources and sustainable development to all nations which are vulnerable, to effect the ideals of social justice and improve general working conditions.